Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cloud's Rest Hike (Part 3)

(GPS: N 37° 46.065 W 119° 29.355)

One thing I had read about before we actually hiked up there is that there was a "domesticated" chipmunk living up there. That was from the year before. When we got there we were quickly greeted by the following fellow. We called him Paco the bandit. He gets right next to hikers expecting food or will hop right on your backpack to get what he is after. I have never seen any wild animal as friendly as this. The funny thing is that I even heard and saw a picture about him doing the same thing this year.
This is looking more to the northeast.
This is looking more to the north.
This is looking more to the north west.
I never felt in danger, and it would be hard to mess up, but imagine stumbling along a rock around here.
It is a long drop down.
Looking to the West. Half-Dome is such a great view from here.
A zoom in on the main feature. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, this was not that difficult of a hike since it is all trail to the top. One day I hope to look at they area I stood here from Half-Dome.