Monday, October 30, 2006

The Whaley House Part 2 (The Halloween Series)

(GPS: N 32 45.150 W 117 11.670)

(Note: these pictures are from the last 1990's. Since that time a new organization has taken over and the insides of the house are much different. I enjoyed the Whaley House at the time I did this, but the changes and new policies I do not agree with and cannot with good conscience recommend spending your money on touring this house as it now is.)

I mentioned a few of the ghosts that supposedly haunt the place. I mentioned them all the last time, but the main ones are Mr. Thomas and Anne Whaley, "Yankee Jim", and the Washburn Girl are the alleged spirits that one encounters the most there. Of course, there are others people have claimed to see. All sorts of noises have been heard.

Okay, so now I went upstairs. There were a few rooms up there, but they have a glass window that blocks you from entering the rooms.
The one above just looks spooky because there is no head there. Lol! Wouldn't it be great if you were there and a spirit of a head just happened to attach itself!
An interesting period uniform.
There were lots of old painting in the house as well as China.
This last picture I always make sure people look at. What is that mysterious shadow on the left side. Looks like a ghost! Well, I guess. Really, since they have all those windows in place that is just a reflection of my brother. I thought I would be honest rather than say, "what is that?" and leave it blank here.

Edit: I noted the Washburn Girl as an alleged ghost in this house. While some girl may have told someone this story at the house, the alleged history of her running into a low clothesline in the backyard is untrue. This is the problem one encounters when real history is confused with ghost history someone hears about. Do these ghosts get their facts mixed up, or do they just like to tell fiction sometimes. ;)

Anyways, tomorrow will be my grand finale on Halloween with my special Halloween Hike I did. Stay tuned...