Monday, October 09, 2006

Lone Pine Film Festival 2006 (and Blog Updates)

I just got back from the Lone Pine Film Festival for this year. This three day event showed movies made in the Lone Pine area (Alabama Hills), had guest speakers, guest panels, vendors, arts and crafts, a chili cook off, and what I naturally enjoy the most, of course, the tour of the movie locations. I have enough material to write about until next years festival.

I really felt overwhelmed with everything that happened there. I was there for two days and drove back and forth each day to get there (from about an hour and half away from Grandma's). I feel I really know the area well now. Not everything, but I took so many pictures and have so many stories that I do not know what I will do.

However, I do not want to "overdose" this blog with just stuff about Alabama Hills. I have enough as it is. I want to show some "creepy" stuff this month since this is Halloween time. I will continue to show some of my Sierra trip as well. I eventually need to talk about my trip to Death Valley and the Mystery of the SA-16. I also need to write about some of my peak hikes from recent years. Then there are other cool locations around Southern California that I want to go to. So, every other week or so I might post some more Alabama Hills pictures, but there are other things I want to move on to as well. I am behind on the website, but that takes a little more time for me to do than this. Stay tuned...