Sunday, December 04, 2011

Aurora Ghost Town (West Pine Street Cont.)

(GPS: N38 17.200 W118 54.145)

In the last blog I pointed out where the Merchants' Exchange Hotel would have been and in this one I get very close to where it would have been standing. As I approached where the road would have continued you will notice the slight rise in elevation.I went down the side and looked back toward the east. You can see the wall in the distance.This pile of wood remains is nearby. It turns out that many of the buildings used brick and not wood. I'll get back to this in the next blog because it is the main reason why none of the buildings are still around.Looking back to the east again from the higher elevated area near the wood.Looking toward the west. Keep in mind there would have been many cabins and homes built all around. I am just focusing on the main street where most of the action would have taken place.
More to the north. There is another artifact that is a good landmark that remains. I'll get to that in the next blog.
Aurora Ghost Town: West Pine Street (Youtube Version)

Aurora Ghost Town: West Pine Street (Vimeo Version)