Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Out of the Past "Too Two" (The Ending)

This will be the final blog of my Nightfall series. This blog in some ways is a let down because I am not going to get to the exact final location, but I just want to give you an idea of where it took place. I'll try to get some GPS coordinates for this one later today or tomorrow.

After I saw this movie for the first time I kept trying to figure out where the ending took place. The main thing you always start with is where the background is. If you can identify that then you start looking for whatever is in the mid-range, and then what is up close. It depends on what you are given. In this case, I kept looking at the mountains knowing I had seen them again and again, but I could not place them. At first I thought Mammoth was being used, and it is at some points in this movie. In fact, one of the scenes they have the bus drive through is literally right across the street from where the Legend of Deadman plaque is that I covered on here a few years ago. That was not it though. One day I was traveling to Carson City, NV, and as I looked up it was a case of, "Bingo! That's it!"

On HWY 395 there is a monument that is often passed that is called the Fremont Trail 1844. It is difficult to read even when you are there, but you can click the picture to make it bigger. Basically, John Fremont, Kit Carson, and their men came through here with a howitzer during the winter. They were trying to cross the Sierra to get to Fort John Sutter. They had to leave the howitzer in the deep snow, but eventually crossed over to get there.In the video I show a little more of what it looks like around here, but this is across the street from that sign. I zoomed in on a certain mountain to the north side. To get to the final spot of where I ended we need to drive a little further toward this mountain.
This is in the movie as the bus drives by, but at this time I do not know exactly where. I have some ideas. In any case, that is our mountain in the background.Here is going to be the final spot I wanted to show. This is not the final location of the movie, but it is a good reference point to show you what I think went on here. See where that building is on the left side? My location intuition says that the final scenes were done just past that over the hill there. I scouted this area and a road further on down beyond it that leads to a campground. From what I can tell the final scenes of the movie were done on what is either private property or government property that the public is locked out of. In Nightfall, the detective takes Aldo Ray and Anne Bancroft back to the camping spot where the murder took place. Then they head to where Aldo Ray left the money which was only supposed to be a few minutes away from where they camped. In reality, the drive is about 30 minutes away. There in a shack that the money was left, they encounter Brian Keith and Rudy Bond who had also been waiting for the thaw of the winter to come back here. You can see the movie to figure out how they knew the money was here. At this point Rudy Bond is going to kill the three of them. However, in a desperate move, Aldo Ray jumps out of the shack and is able to get a rifle.
If you look closely in the above movie picture you will notice there is a drop off in the middle of the picture that heads down somewhere. That was the other area I mentioned above that I went to. There is a road down below there that heads to a campground. In my picture below you should be able to compare the above movie picture mountains with these.
You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

This wraps up my Christmas edition of my blogs for this movie. This is one that I had been working on doing for this blog for the past few years since I did the original Out of the Past Locations. Even when I was doing those I knew I would have to come back, but decided not to mention this particular movie at all as my little secret to be revealed at a later time. Then I had to delay this because the pictures and footage were never to my expectations due to the conditions at the time I was at these places.

For example, the very last time I was at the movie's campground spot I was doing the introduction video. It was during this last October, the non-tourist season, and I was doing a great job narrating what I wanted to say at the beginning. In fact, it was a much longer introduction than what made the final cut. Just as I was about to turn and show where the campground was some overweight lady came out of nowhere right in that spot I was going to turn to! Then she just started to hang out nearby. I did not say anything, but I was so angry! Of all the bad luck! During the tourist season one gets lots of people fishing there even though they usually do not catch anything. I was so convinced no one would be there at the time I went that day in October. That was how typical that area was during the past few years. I would either get there too early in the morning, have bad light, bad weather, or someone would be parked nearby and fishing there. I can't tell you how many times I walked here only to realize I would have to come back. I meant to go back one more time at the end of October or November, but never did.

All the areas you see in the pictures and video I came to more than once. I was not totally satisified with what I got, but it just got to the point that I decided to present this now or never. Otherwise it would be an endless cycle I would never get out of. So, the final product you are seeing is good enough. I don't intend on doing anything further on this one.

So, please see the movie. As I began with, it is not as good as Out of the Past, but it is worth seeing once because of how the director came back to almost the exact same locations for this movie. This is one of the rare movie locations that I know of that no one I have encountered knew about this movie being filmed here. So, I hope you enjoyed something I did during the past few days for the Christmas season as the best I can do for a Christmas gift that is a little out of the ordinary.

Out of the Past "Too Two" (Youtube Version)

Out of the Past "Too Two" (Vimeo Version)