Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ramona Epic #36: Rancho Christmas (Inside the Adobe Cont.)

I'm continuing from last blog where I started to show some of the insides of the adobe during the Rancho Guajome Christmas event that takes place at the end of November. The purpose of this is not to show every single room they have because there are way too many, but to show a few of them.

Here is a child's room decorated with Feliz Navidad signs and symbols.
Another room to sleep in.This is the school room the kids would have been taught. The teachers desk is by the chalkboard, Christmas stockings over the fireplace, and a students desk. BTW, one of the math problems on one of those chalkboards was wrong. lol!One of the living rooms.This is where the paperwork and business was done.I am going to stop here with the rooms because it would take me another week or two to present every room in the adobe, and I do not feel the need to do that. The video does cover some of the other parts of the adobe like the dining room, the rooms food was prepared, etc. In #37 I will show some of the festivities they have during this event.

Ramona Epic #36: Rancho Christmas (Youtube Version)

Ramona Epic #36: Rancho Christmas (Vimeo Version)

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The music used in the background is called Laid Back Guitars by Incompetech.com and can be found HERE.