Sunday, December 25, 2011

Out of the Past "Too" (The Murder)

Merry Christmas! How can I talk about a murder on Christmas Day!?!? Have no fear, things get dark here, but things are not as bad as they seem. You can thank Hollywood for happy endings. :)

In the movie Nightfall, Brian Keith and Rudy Bond take Aldo Ray and the doctor (Frank Albertson) back to where they were camped. As pointed out in the first blog on this, this is the exact same area Robert Mitchum fished in Out of the Past (OOTP), and I covered this before in my Out of the Past Locations blogs. I am going to show you what it looked like on another day I was there so you keep getting different looks of how this is during different times of the year. BTW, that is one thing I love about this movie is they filmed it when the lake was partially iced over.Dismayed as to why these men want to kill them after they tried to help them, Brian Keith and Rudy Bond explain they just stole a lot of money. This is a way to make sure their is no witnesses against them. Also, setting up a murder/suicide situation helps our bad guys in the story as it will place the blame on Aldo Ray. This is close. To get it right I would have to go a little further to the right, but as I remember I did not like the angle I had the times I went there. So, I went with this. Something to note is in this picture, and the ones I did before it in the previous blogs, the tree looks a lot bigger in the movie pictures, but that is because I was further away in my picture.Rudy Bond gives the doctor a count to run for it. He then shoots the doctor in the back. Now, it is Aldo Ray's turn. They give him a gun, and Rudy Bond gives him a shell to put in the rifle. All he has to do is turn around and Rudy would shoot him to make it look like a suicide. There is some thought in this scene that Aldo might challenge Rudy with a gunfight, Aldo is uncertain about this, and as he turns around Rudy fires the shot that looks like it kills Aldo. What happens is that a shot hits a rock and that bounces off of Aldo's skull. He appears dead. Rudy looks over him and then he and Brian leave the scene. The problem is not only is Aldo Ray still alive, but they left the money behind. When Aldo Ray gains consciousness later he finds the money, hides it in the snow away from this area, and then leaves.Here is that spot. The two red trees are the same ones from the previous blog. The red tree on the right is the same one we have been dealing with in this blog. The gray tree on the right is a different type of tree. It is interesting looking at the types of bark in all of these trees here and then seeing how they were back then. Again, usually I don't like using trees in comparing with old movies or pictures due to their unreliability, but these seem to be them after all these years.For me, all my life I have been walking right by these trees as I do my exercise walks around the lakes which usually takes place during the summer. For a while I would think of Robert Mitchum fishing here, but I never thought of this place being associated with such sociopathic evil until after seeing Nightfall. Although, I should mention that sometime over a 100 years ago an actual murder did take place near here. Not here, but I would say within about a five minute walk. It is hard to believe this place would have anything like that, but sometimes remote places can have their dark sides.

This ends this phase of this series, but I will continue this movie's locations starting tomorrow. The video gets you to this point in the blogs.

Out of the Past "Too" (Youtube Version)

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