Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ramona Epic #34: Exodus From the Rancho

As we wind this series down I have a few parts on how the play ends and a few events I want to cover that I will list below. If all goes right then I should be done with the "essential canon" of the series by the very end of the month.

When we left off of the play Alessandro had just been murdered. Right after that scene the play shifts back to the Rancho when sometime later Felipe reveals that he has received a letter from Ramona.

In the book Felipe has a much more heroic role. The book spends a lot more time showing how he spent much of time, since Ramona and Alessandro left the rancho, trying to figure out where they were to help them. At one point he is misled by someone who knows where they are at because of the fear he will do the wrong thing. When he attempts to find them again he does finally find Ramona after Alessandro is murdered. He takes her home with him. Realizing they can no longer live in California with the political situation the way it is for Californos, they head to Mexico. They are married and have other kids, but the book ends by noting that Ramona's (and Alessandro's) child that is still living at the end of the book was the most beautiful and most loved. The name of Ramona daughter...Ramona.

I split the ending up here, and that might seem a little silly. There is a final narration coming that sums it all up. The reason I did that is I want to take this time to go back and explore the two ranchos that I covered earlier on in this series. Each has a special weekend each year that I went back and visited on. So, the following blogs will cover both those events.