Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of the Past "Too Two" (The Church)

Happy Boxing Day! Happy 2nd Day of Chrismas! The family broke tradition yesterday without gift giving by going to church to see the Burchfield Brothers perform, and then had a big feast. I've never heard The Little Drummer Boy done like a western movie soundtrack so that was cool. Today, is gift giving day. I kind of like the idea of Christmas continuing a few days rather than where I am at where the media quickly goes on to something else.

This is phase two of my Nightfall series of blogs about this movie. Much like Out of the Past the same director used flashbacks in this movie as well. He also used some of the same locations. BTW, most of the movie takes place in the city, but the flashbacks and ending take place in the setting of Wyoming. Which in reality is the Eastern Sierra.

Since the last blog Aldo Ray has been living on the run since he hid the money he found and took off. The authorities are now after him in the belief that he killed his friend. After meeting up with Anne Bancroft they flee back to Wyoming. Something Aldo does not realize is that a detective is now following him and is on the same bus as they are on.

Now in the original Out of the Past Locations blogs I did some years ago I was down on the corner in the background looking back this way toward where the school is.In both movies you can see the old school. In Nightfall we get to see it close up as the church Aldo Ray stands by.From my picture above I just turned around to show you this one which is the new school that is here these days. In the Out of the Past video I showed you where the old school is now located on the other side of town as the Mono County Museum. In this video for this series of blogs I inserted a picture of the old school being transferred to its current location when they did that, so you can look for that in the video.The detective reveals himself to Aldo Ray. At first, Aldo gives up, and is relieved that it is over that he has been caught. The detective gets irritated by Aldo mentally giving up, and just tells him he wants to hear his story. He then tells Aldo something about the gun that must have killed the doctor. Aldo realizes the detective is on his side, they decide to go back to the murder site, and then to the where Aldo hid the money. Btw, in the movie you get some nice looks at where Dunderberg Mt. and that range are. I can't remember if you get a good look at Excelsior Mt. (I climbed that one that is why I care about this) since the clouds are really covering that area in the movie. My video for this part does have the clouds almost doing the same thing.So, they would have been just standing over there.I should have the new video up by tomorrow with the final blog of this series. For this portion of the video I decided to use the footage from November that I took. So, it kind of matches the mood you see with the clouds.

Out of the Past "Too Two" (Youtube Version)

Out of the Past "Too Two" (Vimeo Version)