Saturday, December 24, 2011

Out of the Past "Too" (The Accident)

As Aldo Ray and his friend the doctor are reflecting on their lives at their campground they see a car go off the side of the road. They do show the car go off the road nearby, but the actual site they end up on is really about 20 minutes or so away off HWY 395. To get to this site you have to be heading south to Lee Vining/Mono Lake.

I need to give my brother credit on this one since he fine-tuned this one for me. Basically, the scene was done very close to the entrance to Virgina Lakes. My brother decided this #5 sign right here is a good marker for this scene. This was done sometime in October. In this scene you see the car down below. In the following picture I am looking more to the west. The car would have been close by down below. Dunderberg Mt. is the one in the back that appears to be apart of two peaks that look like twins. Just as an aside, one of the early seasons of The Big Valley had a perspective close to this at the beginning of every episode. It was further south. On the other hand, Ansel Adams took a picture in this direction, but he was a little further north. I did something on that one, but I kept it out of the video so maybe some other time.
Aldo Ray and the doctor help bring up Brian Keith and Rudy Bond. Something is wrong with Brian Keith's arm. So, they attempt to make a sling for him so they can get him to a hospital.
The viewer is never really told what caused the accident, but you can tell Rudy Bond is upset. Both Rudy and Brian start asking questions about the car and where they are camped. They do not seem to care as much about Brian's arm or the accident. Our good Samaritans start to realize they have encounted two very desperate men. Rudy Bond goes over to Aldo Ray's car and pulls out his gun. He intends to kill Aldo and the doctor right here. Brian Keith tells them not here because the sound would be too loud.
This is just past the sign that I showed in the first picture above. It was done during the middle of summer. Interesting enough, what I liked about the movie picture is it actually shows another area I hiked to that I have not shown yet. I will sometime in the future because it leads to an old mining area.
So, in the next blog I head back to the campground for the evil scene.

Out of the Past "Too" (Youtube Version)

Out of the Past "Too" (Vimeo Version)