Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ramona Epic #35: Return to Camulos (Part 3)

For this final part I just wanted to show some of the insides of the rancho. I really didn't do that during my first time I presented this rancho many months back. This is the south veranda. In the tradition of our fictional world of Ramona a lot of the story took place here. Ramona's room is on the other side, but the priest's quarters would have been behind me. I moved around rather quickly in the video because of the people near by, but you do get to see all of this.
If you were able to do down the stairs in front of the picture above and turn left, then you would be able to see this furnace as you open the door. This is not from that perspective because I came to this a different way, but it is what is down there.Turning around from the above I was in the living room.
This is further north of the adobe. The Cocina (kitchen) consisted of three rooms. My memory is a little weak here, but it seems to me they washed clothes in one of the rooms here. Looking at the walls. Again, my memory is weak here, but I think there was some oven connected that would have lead any smoke up this opening and then outside.The Northride quake of 1994 did serious damage to much of Rancho Camulos. I have seen pictures of how badly it was damaged here. There have been serious repairs to this place, but they did do the repairs with adobe materials to keep with how it was originally made.
The video shows a lot more of what is around these areas. I put it together a month or two ago and cut out a lot of things in the editing. As I watched it recently there were a couple of parts I think I could have fine-tuned a little better. In any case, it should give you an idea of a small part of what you might see at the Ramona Days.

Ramona Epic #35: Ramona Days at Rancho Camulos (Youtube Version)

Ramona Epic #35: Ramona Days at Rancho Camulos (Vimeo Version)

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The background music used in the video is called Modern Jazz Samba taken from and can be found HERE.